How CreatorCut Works

Welcome to CreatorCut. Here’s how CreatorCut empowers you to support, grow and share in the success of your favorite video creators:

Step 1: Creators Submit Project Proposals

Creators begin by submitting materials for their projects. This submission includes a video, a comprehensive project explanation, and a proposed budget. These materials offer potential investors insight into the project’s creative and other objectives and financial needs.

Step 2: Fan Investment

Fans can browse through projects and choose they’d like to back. Investments can be made or withdrawn at any time until the investment deadline passes or the project reaches its target fundraising amount. Each project has a minimum target; if it’s not met by the deadline, the offering for that project is withdrawn.

Step 3: Share In Success

Once the project’s offering closes successfully, investors will receive entitlements to profits generated from that project’s monetization. Profit distributions occur periodically and investors get paid back first.  Initially, investors receive payments from net revenues until they have recouped their initial investment plus a 20% return. After that, investors (as a group) share 37.5% of all subsequent net revenue distributions proportionate to their investment size. Remaining profits from each distribution go to the creator plus a share for CreatorCut.

By following these steps, fans can directly support and invest in the work of video creators, sharing in the financial success of projects they believe in.

Step 1


Creators submit their project for fan investment.

Step 2


Fans choose their favorite projects and invest in the project budget.

Step 3


Creators make the project.  Fans share in the rewards of success.