About Us

Empowering fans to empower creators.  Invest in your favorite creators, share in success, and together, Catch Fire.

About Us

CreatorCut merges the legacy of the traditional film and television business with the groundbreaking, fan-driven spirit of the evolving creator economy. Founded by Josh Reader, former head of distribution and business development at AMC Networks, CreatorCut offers an innovative platform for video creators and their fans that allows them to unlock their fan communities’ full potential. However, we’re not just another patronage model; through equity crowdfunding, fans invest in and connect with creators, sharing in the rewards of successful projects. With CreatorCut, fans and creators can succeed together and foster a community of shared growth and creativity.

CreatorCut is not just another platform for paying or connecting directly with creators. Equity crowdfunding is the real deal. Fans genuinely invest in and empower creators and share in the rewards of successful projects in a system designed to comply with the rules that ensure transparency, accountability, and trust.  The relationship between creators and their fans is sacred, and we make growing that relationship a top priority.

Who Are We For?

Are you a fan who sees beyond the screen and understands that your support does more than just fund projects—it breathes life into them? Then CreatorCut is for you.

Do you believe that the power of storytelling has the potential to transform lives and contribute to a world in which diverse, fresh, and innovative content thrives? Then CreatorCut is for you.

Do you dream of a more vibrant, authentic, and creator-driven media landscape where creators make content to build community, where fans are catalysts for change, empowering creators to produce content for those communities, and where communities share in that success?  Then CreatorCut is for you.

CreatorCut is nurturing a movement where fans become the cornerstone of the creative process. This is where your passion for groundbreaking content meets the opportunity to support and shape its journey directly. If you’ve ever burned to see more of the stories that resonate with you, CreatorCut is your chance to turn that into action.

Our Mission

CreatorCut redefines fan engagement, transforming supporters from mere viewers into active stakeholders in their favorite creators’ successes. Our platform, designed with fans in mind, offers a unique opportunity to invest in the entertainment you love, aligning your interests with the creators you admire.

  • Become a Stakeholder: Move beyond watching to sharing in creators’ successes, deepening your connection with the content and its creators.
  • Financial Rewards: Your support on social platforms evolves into a chance for tangible returns, rewarding both you and the creators.
  • Authentic Content: Your investment helps creators pursue their true vision, empowering them to make more genuine and innovative content.
  • Direct Connections: We bridge the gap between fans and creators, fostering meaningful interactions and making you a key part of their creative journey.
  • Safety and Returns: At CreatorCut, fan investment is sacred. We’re committed to protecting your trust and maximizing returns, within a safe, compliant framework.
  • Mutual Prosperity: Our belief is clear: creators’ success is tied to their supporters. By nurturing this partnership, we ensure mutual growth and prosperity.

Be more than a fan. Invest in the future of entertainment, where your passion fuels your favorite creators’ dreams and makes you part of their success. Together, let’s redefine what it means to be a fan.